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Roleplay Guidelines Empty Roleplay Guidelines

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 09, 2018 1:45 pm


1. No one likes a thief, don't steal other people's OCs.

2. We are a paragraph/semi-literate RP site, that means put effort into your posts. No one-liners.

3. Characters that are not related or married shouldn't have the same last name, please check the taken names pages to confirm if a name is being used yet or not.

4. I:FA is a 18+ RP site, there are topics dealt with that you may find triggering or offensive. We ask that ANY sexual/suggestive activity what-so-ever be kept to the RNS board.

5. Insta-killing, god-moding, power-playing, metaplaying and retconning are all unacceptable forms of RP.

6. Characters are completely allowed to have healing powers but this doesn't mean they can just automatically heal severe injuries in the middle of a fight, be fair to the other person.

7. 'Mopey RPs' as they are killed, are RPs in which usually someone's character is begging for attention or a partner. These threads are not allowed on I:FA and will be deleted on sight.

8. Site-wide plots MUST be approved by the head admins before you can proceed.

9. A character is allowed a maximum of 2 powers, there are extremely strong characters on I:FA. If your character has an incredibly strong power, please, be reasonable and fair with how you use it.

10. You cannot kill another person's character without their specifically given permission.

( If you're ever unsure if you think something might be too OP, don't be afraid to ask staff!)

Roleplay Guidelines Qk4idb6


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